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Cinnamon Apples Cooked with Red Hot Candy

How to Make Cinnamon Candied Apples

VERSION I - This is the easiest, less caloric, and less fat potent method used to prepare this recipe.
5 Medium apples, any kind, washed, cored, sliced - about 16 slices (peeling apples is optional)
1 Small box "Red Hot" Candies
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1/2 Cup water
Cooking apples with red hot candy
STEP 1 -- Place all ingredients in a frying pan or sauce pan able to accommodate all the slices. It's okay if apples exceed rim of pan however because as they cook they will reduce in size and sink into the pan. 
STEP 2 -- Cook on medium high heat until water comes to a boil. 
STEP 3 -- After water begins to boil reduce heat, cover the pan, and simmer ingredients for about fifteen to twenty minutes so that apples may soften. 
STEP 4 -- During this softening period, maneuver the Red Hots around to make certain they all dissolve in the water. The water should turn red. 
STEP 5 -- Also during the softening period, gently flip the apples about every five minutes so that all apples absorb red coloring from the liquid. Do not smash or cut apples while cooking. 
Red Hot candy apples in a pan
STEP 6 -- At the end of the simmering period, all apples should be soft and all candy should be dissolved. Increase heat to medium high so that all liquid will evaporate. This step requires close attention to cooking progress, especially as evaporation reaches the bottom of the apples. You should notice the apples turning redder and redder as the liquid decreases. Continue flipping the apples (gently) as needed to make certain all apples acquire more red candy coloring. 
STEP 7 -- As the liquid reaches the bottom of the pan, all apples should be shiny and red. You may notice the candy bubbling on the bottom of the pan as the final ounces of water evaporate.  Once these bubbles begin to look "sticky", either turn the pan off if you are ready to serve the apples; or reduce the heat to simmer if you aren't quite ready and you want to keep the apples hot. 
If you choose to reduce the heat once the apples are done, you may still need to stir the apples every few minutes to make sure they don't burn. Reducing the temperature at this point should not last for more than five to ten minutes.
IMPORTANT:  Red Hot Apples cooked according to this recipe are "very-very" hot when done. Let them cool a bit before attempting to put them in your mouth!
NOTES: For best serving sizes, try cooking one apple per serving plus one extra apple per every four servings. So if you are making apples for four people, cook four apples plus one apple for a total of five apples. If you are preparing for eight people, cook eight apples plus two apples for a total of ten apples and so on.
In addition to using your apple of choice, you may use different kinds of apples to add a variety of color and hints of different flavors to the finished product.


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