Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Stories - Short Stories - Flash Fiction

Since healthy living includes healthful reading, check out a few of my short-short stories you can read, download, or print for free. The two at the bottom are for kids :}
Following the short-stories is my first ebook for children. This ebook/chapter book is about sharing. It is intended to present a challenge for advanced early readers and eight to ten year olds. Currently, all may read the ebook for free. Enjoy!

How would you feel if you spent your entire life thinking you had made the best choice you could for a partner and then one day, out of the blue, you encounter that special one—your soul mate?  Read A Lover's Story Here

You love to look your best everyday, of course, if you are a diva! However, what if you get yourself all decked out and then discover you must take your hot self out in wet, slushy, snow… wearing heels?  Read The Message Here

Cute tale for Halloween and any other time...
Without a second of hesitation, a speck slithered up a chilled glass of pink fluid and frothy effervescence while humans kicked up their heels at the Party Nights dance club. In all, two glasses sat at his disposal. Each looked equally as cool and inviting as the other. Their contents were fresh. Their ice was plump. Condensation freckled and slid down their curvaceous crystalline walls. Vying not to waste a single moment, the speck, having appeared from the table underside, chose the glass closest to the wooden rim. Of course, none of this really mattered - as far as timing goes that is - for no one was likely to spot “Speck” anyway, him being a... Read more here