Friday, April 5, 2013

Heartache Mountain - Place For Lonely Souls

Striving to complete a 30-day poetry-writing challenge this April, I came up with this poem about heartache while attempting to write a children's poem along these lines... except not so sad. Although this piece may suffice to describe a child's emotional state as well as an adult's, it does not fit in with my humorous poetry sites, where I intended to post it... Thus... I post it here where the "misfits", "outcasts", and "others" belong... However, that... after all... is why I turned this blog into a potluck collection... to house the otherwise "un-house-able"... Enjoy...

Heartache Mountain

Place for Lonely Souls

Heartache Mountain crying in loneliness
Why am I over here while

They are over there



Smiling together

Invisible tears pouring from empty eyes

Seeking warmth from a blazing fire

Assured no one will notice

Darkness frightens and yet comforts

Souls of those un-privy to love’s lamp

Deprived human connection

Shunned from embracing torsos

Belonging to another’s welcoming arms

Soon the unwelcomed torso stiffens and shakes

Lost pupils hide behind dropped eyelids

Authentic tears boil over burning cheeks

Reddened not by happiness but

Rather from continuously climbing their

Heartache Mountain to nowhere


Here again

Emotional despair



That fails to compute

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