Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pet Peeves - Saliva on Shopping Bags

Licking Fingers Before Bagging Purchases

I hate it when people slide their shoes while they're walking… The sound is like such a lazy sound… I mean, I can understand if someone is really worn out because they had a long hard day perhaps working hard in the yard or maybe he or she is sick and can just barely move their legs never mind pick up their feet. Perhaps he or she is about to get an operation or just came through surgery or something like that… But when people slide their feet simply because they are too lazy to pick them up… That really gets on my nerves!

What I hate even more, however, is what happened in the store while I was trying to scan an item in a self-checkout lane. The scanner failed to pick up the numbers. This may have been because the item I was scanning was too big to fit into the small area where the red light could run over the price tag. Deciding to forgo using the scanner and instead attempting to key in the Universal Product Code (UPC) numbers seemed like a good idea but the machine said the code was invalid. As a result, I took the item over to one of the workers for assistance.

But hold on…

Allow me a moment to backtrack…

Prior to my stepping to the register to scan my purchases, the worker I would eventually ask for assistance had licked fingers on each of her hands and then used the salivated fingertips to separate plastic shopping bags conveniently hanging from hooks next to the register. These were the plastic shopping bags awaiting for customers to insert goods they were buying. In that I have a pet peeve about people licking papers or plastics that I must eventually handle, I decided to put my purchases inside of a basket I was buying. This way, I would be able to avoid utilizing the plastic shopping bags the worker had opened with her salivated fingertips.

Back to the incident…

Knowing the worker had salivated fingers, when I went to ask her for assistance with inputting the numbers from the basket’s UPC code, I held the basket to the left of my body. In this manner, I was holding the basket away from the worker. I am certain the attentive can tell when someone is holding something away from them… You know… such as… This is for me to touch but not for you touch… As I held the basket to my left in one hand, a finger on my other hand pointed to the numbers while I asked my question. All I wanted was for the worker to confirm which numbers I needed to key into the register so that the system would validate my item. She did not need to touch the basket or its price tag in order to answer my question.



Those thoughts existed only in my mind and NOT in the worker’s reality…

and thus…

She went out of her way, as if unable to see that I was holding the item away from her… as if she could not comprehend that I wanted her to talk about… to explain… but not to touch as “I” not “she” fingered the UPC numbers on the price tag…. and thus… She went out of her way to move in a bit closer so that she could reach over and touch the tag with her germy saliva-coated fingertip!

I cringed…

‘Good grief!’ I thought.

'What is wrong with some people??'

After she gave me the information I needed, I went back to the register to input the numbers again.


What she told me had worked and the scanner validated my purchase…

Happy to have acquired this new info would have been more sweet and less bitter had the worker not touched the price tag on the basket... But because she did... with a saliva stained pointer... Now... I didn't want to touch it!  So, now... I was in the process of purchasing an item I no longer wanted to touch... I had already taken out my precious time to get one of the better baskets from its shelved bunch and now... thanks to the finger licker... it was tarnished... no longer better than its shelved cohorts...

'All right...' pondered my thoughts on the item… 'Should I take the basket back to the shelf and get another one? Should I use one of the bags since the basket was infected now anyway? Should I skip over the saliva soiled bag and use the one behind it?' [Trying that still would’ve meant I’d have to touch the germy bag to get it out of the way.]

Ultimately, I decided to carefully slip the basket into one of the soiled saliva bags without touching the bag handles; and then to place my remaining purchases into a large basket I was buying. This allowed me to keep the contaminated items separate from the clean ones.

I paid for the goods and then meticulously placed the soiled bag into the larger basket in a manner that prevented the handles from touching anything. Unfortunately, echos of my daughter's words reminded me... as she had done in person on numerous occasions... that... "Germs crawl you know. They don't stay in just one place."

All the way out the store and across the parking lot to my car, all I thought about was that once I got home I would have to wash my NEW basket... maybe even the other baskets and the remaining purchases since germs crawl... Maybe I'd have to decontaminate the trunk of my car after removing the soiled sticker attached to the basket inside the finger-licked bag...


Yes… Licking fingers before opening things or separating items such as book pages, stacks of papers, plastic bags and so on is an act that disgusts me. I think it is totally gross and do not understand how people can repeat this act over and over again in situations such as work environments wherein they are dealing with the public and touching so many objects for hours on end without washing their hands. Even if you move beyond the fact that they are subjecting the belongings of others to their saliva, what about the fact that they are unnecessarily adding germs to their own mouths and bodies…

Okay… I admit… I have a problem with germs…

But this is why I utilize the self-checkout whenever possible in the first place…

So that…

Fewer hands that do not belong to me are handling my purchases…

But even if I did not have a germ problem, that does not mean I would be okay with people, in affect, salivating on my belongings!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tapping into Psychic Ability and Spirituality to Aid Your Success

Do you believe in psychic ability?

Have you ever had a premonition or dreamed something that came true?

What about spirituality... Do you think spirituality is only for those who practice religion?

What if you could use your psychic ability and spirituality in unison to aid your success? Would you try to make your life better knowing you could do so by freeing your mind and tapping into your own personal unheard dialogue given specifically to you from the heavens... the universe... the air around you?

Consider this short anecdote...

Her feet barely squeeze through the closing door before her fingers pry open her laptop and press the power button. She drops her purse on the bed relinquishes her coat atop it and dashes to fire up the teapot. Computer start-up beeps impregnate her ears as she spills sugar and plop a teabag into a mug. To some the computer's high pitched sounds are merely indication that the technological device is doing what such devices are intended to do. To her the computer tones are indication that the box is preparing to orchestrate a symphony - her symphony - only the harmony she has in mind has nothing to do with consonant resolving dissonant chords or major transposing to minor keys because the symphony her computer will construct will unfold in novelistic words of prose.

All day she'd sat at a cramped desk in a stuffy office answering boring phone calls and pushing an ink skipping pen. The only reason she hadn't gone crazy was that her new found spirituality was soothing the avenues of her mind by unleashing constant reminders of her impending career change.

All her life she'd wanted to pen renditions of unsavory characters inflicting havoc on the weak and the innocent; to write love stories so critically acclaimed they'd be rewritten in fifty or sixty languages, to see her byline on book after book while signing autographs for thousands of fans. Only problem was she used to think her aspirations were irrational so instead of following her dreams she dropped them like burning potatoes and fell into an unplanned career. Somehow she'd bought into the notion that putting bread on the table any way she could was more important than living a dream. But that was before she tapped into her spirituality.

This random anecdote references a female; however, whether a guy or girl, if this sounds like you, you should know that spirituality can help get you where you want to be by allowing you to open your mind so that you will be able to pay more attention to your psychic ability. If you're wondering what spirituality and psychic ability have to do with one another, simply put, they both connect to us via our states of mind and our intellect. Their forces enter our bodies, undetected, in efforts to provide direction and to show us how to find peace. They are what help us maintain our focus and they keep us chugging along like the little engine that could right through life's trials and tribulations.

Even though spirituality and psychic ability both relate to our being via the mind and the intellect, we connect to them in different manners. In the case of spirituality, connectivity can be constant. We don't have to maintain awareness of it every second of the day, but once we connect and learn to use it to our advantage, we can rejuvenate our minds at will. Whereas some may accomplish this through prayer, others might meditate, and others might go for quiet walks, etcetera.

Using our psychic ability requires us to be alert and aware of messages we receive in random forms of intangible gifts. Some of us receive more, or at least notice more, messages than do others. Unlike spirituality, psychic abilities don't connect and remain with us in a constant fashion and most of us cannot conjure these forces on command.

The fact that we can tap into spirituality with more ease and flexibility than we can psychic ability, makes spirituality easier to use as an aid to guide us through our lives. This grants us ongoing opportunities to use the inexplicable means spirituality has of stripping negative forces from our minds - forces that work to keep us from living our lives as we see fit. When we use spirituality to cleanse our minds, to eliminate negative influences spirituality erects positive barriers to prevent future negativities from rooting.

Cleansing our minds through spirituality allows us to become more open and aware of our psychic abilities. In turn, our cleansed minds enable us to better discern when we are receiving psychic information. In order to take advantage of our psychic abilities so they can work in conjunction with our spirituality, we must learn to recognize and act on the meanings of information our psychic abilities provide. It is only through interpretation and action that having psychic abilities can help us identify where we really want to be and what steps we need to take to reach our destinations.

When allowing ourselves to form relationships with spirituality and in learning to use our psychic abilities to aid our life's decisions, we may discover the reason we'd spent so much time telling ourselves our dreams were unattainable had to do with people around us assuring us our dreams were just that - dreams! Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance that once we free ourselves and align our minds with our true potentials that we never let others reduce our aspirations to levels beneath our new found freedoms. This could be difficult in cases where others have not and are not willing to free themselves and may in fact think we've gone off the deep end. Whenever and If ever this happens we must maintain the relationships we are able to manage - even if at removed levels - and relinquish the relationships that will only continue to distract us. Spirituality and openness to our psychic abilities can only do so much for us. We must do the rest.

In closing, if we find ourselves employed in careers that we, for whatever reason, decide are not fields we want to spend the rest of our lives in, and especially if we don't really know what we want to do, a good way for us to find out what really makes us tick is to tap into our spirituality in order to free our minds and allow our psychic abilities to provide us the information we need - the information that can only tell the truth about what we really want to do with the remainder of our lives.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Peach Seasoned Tofu Over Rice

Tofu Flavored with Juicy Peaches

Plate of rice with tofu and peaches

A potluck blog can certainly use delicious food...

Herein is a recipe I developed while trying to make myself eat tofu. As many already know, tofu is one of those foods that is good for the body but boring for the tastebuds. The good factor includes tofu's high protein, low saturated fat and cholesterol values. The bad factors consist of its bland flavor and mushy texture.

Finding ways to accelerate the idea of eating tofu can occur by preparing the bean curd in ways that appeal to the eyes as well as to the teeth and tongue. For some, like myself, tofu is best when you can sink your teeth into it without it mushing around in your mouth. After all, no matter how good tofu is for the body, its benefits will go by the way side for those who cannot bring themselves to eat it. Thus, in addition to making tofu taste good, changing its firmness level can make it more appealing to finicky eaters.

One thing about tofu is that it comes packaged in a variety of ways as well as in different consistencies - soft, medium, and firm. Purchasing tofu that comes in blocks surrounded by water and contained in small plastic squares seems to be the popular choice for most consumers. Tofu packaged in this manner is stored in the refrigerated section of the market; often alongside freshly contained produce.

For those who have never purchased tofu before, know that despite its popularity, there is a conundrum to buying tofu packaged in water. As I discovered the first time I purchased a package that read "firm" on the label, the firmness level did not turn out to be what I had expected. At the time, I knew little about tofu. One thing I did recall, however, was eating tofu in soup such as miso soup. Although I consumed the miso soup, I did not really care for the soft texture of the tofu. Thus, while at the store, I figured that by purchasing the package that said firm on the label, I wouldn't need to worry about the tofu being super soft. As it turned out, labeling the tofu as firm, in my opinion, was more than a tad misleading. Despite the package labeled firm, the tofu was soft...
Basically what happened was while in the grocery store, I came across the tofu in the refrigerated produce section and grabbed a package that read firm on the label. Once at home, I became disappointed when opening the package to discover that firm tofu is not exactly what I thought it would be. I had expected that since the label red firm the product inside would not be mushy. Although it did not appear mushy upon eyesight inspection, as soon as I tried to lift the tofu from the package, my fingers sunk into the block. Petrified, I chose to dump the pad onto a plate. Then I sunk a knife into the block to slice it. The blade slid through as if I were cutting gelled cranberry sauce. Then I thought, 'How am I supposed to cook this?'

Therefore... as a lesson to the newbies... tofu is not really firm when you buy it packed in water. A better description may be to describe it as coming in varying degrees of soft. It does not take much to make it mushy...

Use the water in the tofu to aid flavor absorption.

Tofu packaged in water is extremely wet when you remove it. It's not like taking a pickle from a jar. The pickle is truly firm and requires tough action to get through its skin. In order to truly make tofu firm, you must cook it and cause its moisture to evaporate. This is why some recipes suggest placing tofu on paper towels before adding it to dishes. Not keen on towel drying this highly absorbent ingredient, I decided to cook the water out instead. While ridding the water using the cooking method, two important things occur. (1) The tofu becomes firm as it releases the water via evaporation. (2) At the same time, the water is used as an aid that unites seasonings added to the recipe as the tofu cooks.

The peach flavored tofu recipe herein demonstrates this technique. It consists of slicing and cooking the tofu block until it becomes firm. As the tofu cooks, it absorbs the flavors of herbs and spices included in the recipe that make the otherwise boring block more pleasing to awaiting pallets.


1 Package Firm Tofu

1 Teaspoon Butter/Margarine

1/8 Teaspoon Table Salt

1/8 Teaspoon (Lawry's) Seasoned Salt

1/4 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

1/2 Teaspoon Parsley (Dried or Fresh)

1 Dash of Rosemary

1 Can Unsweetened/Lightly Sweetened Peaches

1/2 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract

1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon

Fresh Lemon


Sharp Knife

Large skillet - preferably stick proof wok type

Flexible spatula


Tofu slices with seasoning after flipping in frying pan
Tofu slices after second flipping...
Slice tofu slab into 1/4 inch pieces across and then slice the pieces in half.

Heat butter/margarine in skillet until bubbles appear. Medium heat should suffice.

Place tofu slices in skillet and sprinkle with salt, seasoned salt, pepper, rosemary,  parsley, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Cover on medium heat and let the ingredients work in to a gentle boil.

Turn tofu slices over being careful not to break them apart. Cook for another five minutes or so until the pieces are firm on the bottom and then flip each piece back to their original positions. Remember not to break the slices.

Add can of peaches along with the peach juice in random areas atop and alongside the tofu slices. Cover and continue cooking for another five minutes.

Tofu and peach slices bubbling in frying pan
Add the vanilla and lightly sprinkle the cinnamon across the tofu and peaches in a appetizing manner. Cover and continue cooking for another 2 to 3 minutes.

At this point, the dish should be ready. Keep it warm by simmering it until ready to serve. Check every few minutes or so to make certain enough liquid remains to prevent ingredients from sticking to the pan.

Serve over white or brown rice. Also goes well with pasta.

Complement with fresh asparagus, long green beans, or fresh broccoli florets.


  • Lay the tofu on a flat surface such as a cooking board to slice it.
  • When flipping the tofu the second time the appearance should be golden brown. The parsley and other seasonings should make the tofu look more appetizing than the plain pieces initially placed into the skillet.
  • Be careful to gently lift the tofu to keep it from falling apart and do not stir the ingredients.
  • For bite size pieces, cut tofu [after it has cooked] into smaller chunks prior to adding peaches. It is easier to cook the tofu to this recipe's consistency while the slices are bigger because it is easier to flip over fewer large pieces than a slew of smaller chunks. Meanwhile, for smaller peach bits, cut to desired size prior to adding to pan.
This delectable dish leaves the golden juicy peaches warming and feeling puffy in your mouth as you chew each bite. The tofu becomes firmer and a tad chewy so it does not feel mushy in your mouth. Get great contrast while chewing rice and tofu in your mouth at the same time. Better still, make certain to get rice, peaches, and tofu in your mouth simultaneously.

I came up with this recipe one day after realizing the package of tofu in the refrigerator should be cooked soon. Not keen on the process of rinsing unused portions of tofu and giving fresh water everyday as if the foodstuff were a vase of flowers, I wanted to go ahead and cook the entire block at one time and to have the rest for leftovers if the dish was not fully consumed during a single meal. I found this process relieved the pressure of remembering to rinse the unused portion everyday and provided a fast and tasty leftover dish when the belly called for a quick bite to eat.

Side Note:  I just recently began experimenting with tofu. Before my first purchase, I looked around for recipes but did not find any that sounded like dishes that would appeal to my tastebuds. As a result, I started making up my own dishes. Another of my favorites, is a dish I created with egg, pineapple, and tofu. I will post that recipe as soon as I get some pictures so be sure to click back to see it!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Does BlackFace Makeup Diminish Classic Movies

Would Classic Movies Be More Potent Without Blackface?

BlackFace Painting
Classic movies become classics because they maintain popularity in ways that defy time. For this reason, classic movies always manage to find their place on television screens even as modern flicks come along to claim their spots. This is why in addition to Turner Classic Movies (TCM) airing flicks from as far back as the black and white pieces of the early 1900s; other "off channel" broadcasters have gotten into the act and are showing classic movies too. Also, old time classic television shows continue to persist as well. Still, one can only wonder if classic movies would be better flicks had they not included actors in blackface makeup. Without the inclusion of blackface makeup, movies depicting characters, also called minstrels, in this fashion would be more politically correct for today's audiences.

As a lover of classic movies, I began watching these flicks as a young girl. Whether in color or black and white, the characters, styles of acting, writing, directing, scenery, and everything else about old classics amazed me then and continues to fascinate me today. The attention given to every aspect of character, stage presence, costume, scenery, music and so forth needed to be pristine more so then than today because today's technology had yet to be made available to pick up the slack of shotty work.

With so many classic movies to watch from around the world, however, it is a tad difficult to see and to remember every one of them even through years of watching. This is probably why my jaw "literally" dropped toward the floor when I saw Joan Crawford, in a movie called "Torch Song", all decked out in blackface. The movie aired a few weeks prior to this posting but fortunately, despite being in shock as I watched the television screen, I managed to dictate notes to my iPhone as Crawford's act progressed...

How the Situation Unfolded

Relaxing on the sofa, I was enjoying another musical number in the movie Torch Song when a tune called "Two-Faced Woman" began... While the music enlightened my ears, my pupils roamed the screen taking in the scenery. The artwork was interesting to say the least consisting of dark skinned musicians drawn in the style you often see black artists depict African American dancers and musicians... their bodies swirling like smoke escaping lit cigarettes... emotionless faces void of facial features... brass instruments twisting as if dancing while being played...

Rather than the bright colored scenery Hollywood normally showed off during song and dance routines of that time, the background consisted mostly of shades of gray contrasted by a creamy colored backdrop... In the midst of the backdrop was a staircase… and no sooner than I began to wonder about the stairs did Joan's character appear in the stairwell painted doorway as the double doors slid apart... Although pretty sure I'd seen this movie before during my younger days, I did not remember most of it and had no recollection of this scene. I truly did not realize a singer, not to mention Crawford's character, was going to appear in the doorway… and not as the beautiful character she had been through the length of the movie up to and until this point... but... as a singer in blackface!

Now here's the kicker...

At first, I didn't realize what was going on... I failed to get it! I didn't realize Crawford's character was the singer in blackface... that she was the one who came bursting through the curtain... and thus... I continued on... enjoying someone's [her] performance... until... suddenly... I thought my eyes must be defying me as finally... I realized what was happening... that... Crawford's character... No!... For ME!...  Joan Crawford was in blackface... My chin literally dropped as I gasped in disbelief...

Next thing I knew my seat was a few feet behind me and I was standing directly in front of the television set. It was like the first time I saw Michael Jackson on stage... I ran into a neighbor's house and stood in front of their television as if I owned it! I had lost myself... and now... it seemed I was loosing myself again... but even if my mind was intact, I apparently had a need to stand with my face buried in the TV screen in order to take in a better view of the blackface Joan! Oh... I'm fairly certain... that at least for a brief moment... I must've been in shock…!! After all, Joan Crawford is one of my favorite actresses [as she is for many classic film lovers]... but being an African American woman, I don't exactly relish actors portraying minstrel typed characters...

In my mind... I was like... Seriously! How could Joan Crawford's character be belting out Two-Faced Woman in BLACKFACE???!!!


Okay... Calm down...... calm down......... I told myself...............

Okay... So...

Where did blackface characterizations come from anyway?

Although blackface characterizations may have rooted prior to the early 1800s, it was in 1830 that black face painting moved into white audience-based theater thereby promoting the style of performances that accompanied darkened skin presentations. In a PBS.Org report, Dale Cockrell states that Thomas Dartmouth Rice, AKA Daddy Rice, brought blackface to stage while in an acting career slump. According to other sources, Rice apparently, "stole" the entertainment style from watching blacks perform on the streets in a similar fashion to Elvis Presley lifting his style after watching black musicians from a cellar window. These types of talent hocking were extremely easy to get away with in those days considering the facts that Blacks had virtually no opportunity to bring their own artistry to national audiences. The irony here is that in a short few decades later, Black performers would eventually capitalize on their own talents by actually performing in blackface paints themselves....

Not Only Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford's character was not the only one sporting blackface as she sang Two-Faced Woman. Her backup dancers were "colored" as well. They tiptoed around the dance floor mildly titillating the audience wearing tight fighting dresses, large hoop earrings, and "Black-style" hair turbans. The men wore plain clothing with neckties for belts and gangster style hats one might expect to see Black guys sporting in those days.

Why Joan Crawford And Not A Black Actress?

Many may ask why Joan Crawford was playing this role if the blackface routine was so important. Why didn't they just put a Black actress in the movie? Why was it necessary for that routine to be done in blackface? Couldn't or wouldn't it have been just as good had all the dancers appeared in their natural tone skin?

The odd thing was that in spite of it taking me by surprise to see Crawford dancing and singing in darkened skin, I thought it to be ironic that this particular performance appealed to me as the best number she performed during the entire movie! Since this was a provocative number and thus Crawford and her backup dancers dressed to provoke, as I watched, it reminded me of another problem with Hollywood....

Although I'll admit that show business in general has gotten a tad better over the years... Hollywood STILL has a problem trying to figure out how and when to portray black women in provocative scenes. For example, Hollywood seems unable to figure out just how much audiences can handle viewing nude black women appearing on movie screens. They don't seem to have a handle on:
  • How much of a Black woman's breast to reveal
  • How much lip-locking to zoom in on when black women are being kissed
  • Whether or not Black women are sexy enough for Hollywood's money
  • Whether or not Hollywood relishes promoting black sexiness in general
  • And they simply seem to struggle with audience acceptance of Black love and affection on the screen
Some might find some or all of these statements offensive but I'm just keeping it real... perhaps stating what others have thought but refrained from verbalizing... After all... Just as Hollywood put in the effort to avoid showing how sexy Black women are during this 1953 movie, it still continues to downplay African American sexiness today in 2014. It's as if not rejecting Black female sexiness did not warrant the degree of importance as did depicting an actress, even an actress as popular as Joan Crawford, singing and dancing a provocative routine, imitating a Black woman, in blackface....

A Little More About Torch Song Itself

Torch Song's cast included actors Michael Wilding and Gig Young. According to the Turner Classic Movie synopsis, it told a tale of a hardened Broadway comedy star who found herself attracted to a blind pianist. The movie carries a G rating and was afforded 2-1/2 TCM stars.

Overall… I thought the storyline was intriguing, and although I wasn't thrilled with Joan Crawford's singing in her first number, her voice managed to improve as the movie progressed. By time she got to Two-Faced Woman, in my opinion, her singing reached its peak for this particular flick… [Later... I discovered she had been lip-syncing to a India Adams' version of the song!]

As indicated above, there is a reasonable chance that I had seen this movie when I was a child but simply did not recall it during its recent airing… After all, there are so many great classic movies to be seen which is why I am glad TCM is around to refresh movie lover memories and to gain new viewers.

When it is all said and done, I guess some stars had to be in the movies with blackface characters since that was one of the ways in which movies were made in those days. All the same… I couldn't help being taken aback to see Joan Crawford was one of those stars…

Other Races Depicted in Blackface/Darkened Skin

We don't usually hear much about other races of people being depicted in film or on stage by actors coloring their faces but blacks are not the only ones who are portrayed in this way. For example, another well known actor, Yul Brynner, a man of Russian decent, played the role of King Mongkut of Siam with his skin colored over and his face made to look Asian. Even classic star Mickey Rooney did not skip through his career without darkening his face to play the Japanese, Mr. Yunioshi, in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

What About WhiteFace Character Portrayal

No doubt... Even nonwhite actors find themselves coloring their faces in lighter shades in order to play caucasian characters as demonstrated in recent times by the Wayans brothers, Shawn and Marlon. In their film "White Chicks" the Wayans brothers not only painted their faces to appear white, they also changed their gender and became females.......

In the end, I am of the mind that actors/actresses should portray colors of their own race. With that said, however, I am open to entertainers portraying characters of races not their own when such portrayals are done with taste rather than to poke fun at, belittle, or otherwise disrespect another people's bodies, lifestyles, cultures, or attitudes about life in any manner whatsoever. Thus, I will get over Joan Crawford's portrayal in blackface... and hopefully, if I see the film again... I will remember the scene and be prepared to envision it in a perspective akin to that of audiences of those times... And I must add that at least Joan Crawford did not insult Blacks by enlarging her lips or exaggerating her features in any manner while trying to "look like" or "poke fun of" colored personage. Perhaps she would not commit herself to such a role today..... and... besides... I did forgive her for the wire hangers....

View Joan's Two-Faced Woman performance on YouTube...