Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting in shape with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Just Dance 2 
Getting in shape and staying in shape are concerns that occupy the minds of many. These concerns often become more prominent as the holidays come around. That's because avoiding luscious treats and heavenly eats becomes near impossible when wherever we go, food aplenty, loaded with tons of "delicious" calories, sits on tables to greet us. Removing some of the guilt from eating a few extra calories (or even a lot of extra calories) could be fun and easy for the entire family with Sony's Dance Dance Revolution games.

Just Dance
Sony's Dance Dance Revolution or DDR games incorporate "workout" modes of play that allow individual players to keep track of how many calories they lose as they dance along with singers, dancers, and lively tunes. Moreover, with the addition with a "multi tap" gadget, as many as four players can dance along with one another in free playing modes. Although free playing modes do not allow all players to keep up with calorie counts, dancing along for a good half an hour to forty-five minutes should assure players they just finished a great workout.
Dance Dance Revolution Max 2 
In addition to Sony's PS2 and PS3 systems, DDR games are also available for Nintendo Wii  and Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles.
PS3 Master Dance Pad Non-Slip 
So.... Parents....


Everyone who can stand.... walk.... dance a jig.... and otherwise move about freely....

Why let the kids have all the gaming fun??? If you have a Dance Dance Revolution game available at home, start burning a few extra calories now! If you do not have one...  Get one! There's no need to wait until after the holidays have passed you by to start burning extra calories and getting yourself fit!!

Visit my Sony Playstation DDR instruction zone below for game play tips!

Dance Dance Revolution Weight Loss Tips - DDR