Monday, December 31, 2012


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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oral-B Pulsar Vibrating Toothbrush Review

So I started using an Oral-B Pulsar vibrating toothbrush roughly two months ago after spewing over the many brands and styles available in stores today. My intention when selecting a toothbrush was twofold. For one, I wanted to find a toothbrush that I truly liked... one that I wasn't simply putting up with... so to speak. The other reason was to post a review in this blog in hopes of sharing a positive experience. With so many choices out there, I figure others must also be seeking that perfect toothbrush.
After selecting a toothbrush, I hung a notepad and pen from my medicine cabinet to make keeping a tally a simple task. Each time I use the toothbrush, I draw a line in the notepad. I will add the results of this procedure once the experimentation time elapses.
Right now, I must tell about the funny thing that happened during this process... While beginning this task, I must have spent 10 to 15 minutes in the store examining toothbrushes… Checking out their basic designs and colors... The most important feature for me was the bristles. Whether their designs were the traditional straight row formats, the circular types that came in fashion with the spin brush, the more recent diagonal offering, or a combination of directional placements on the toothbrush heads…
In addition, I wanted to know the firmness of the toothbrushes, how long they were expected to last, and whether or not the manufacturers guaranteed their product.
I must say that after about eight minutes or so, frustration began to insert itself in my mindset. A few minutes later, I was practically begging myself to make a decision... Choose one! Whatever happens… You will write about it! LOL!!
At any rate, the funny thing that happened is that virtually two months into using the toothbrush, for some reason, I started re-examining the package. If my recollection serves me correctly, I had been comparing the size of the used toothbrush head with the new one. (I bought a two-pack.) In the midst of the comparison, I suddenly noticed the word "Pulsar" on the package. That's when I said to myself... 'Pulsar... What does that mean?' So I flip the package over and see diagrams annotating power buttons and vibrating bristle action! HA!! HA!! I laugh to myself! It turned out that while working through my frustration to select a toothbrush all those weeks back, in the end, I chose a toothbrush because I liked the style, shape, and size of the head. Those features were most important to me and I remembered that my selection had a money back guarantee. At that time, I had been thinking that if the manufacturer offered a guarantee, I would go with that because the toothbrush was pricy. I did not mind paying the price if the product proved worthy of my money...
Well... The product did prove worthy! But I had not paid attention to the fact that I had chosen a pulsating toothbrush! :}
A few days before realizing I had not used the pulsing action, I noticed the toothbrush had begun to soften. This observation was what spurred me to compare the head size with the unused toothbrush a few days later. The purpose of the comparison, of course, and all toothbrush users must know this, is that I wanted to see how separated and frayed the bristles had become.
To my surprise, the bristles were not all that different in appearance. Their distance apart was not all that widespread. This was very surprising considering the amount of time I had used this product compared to similar timeframes using other toothbrushes. The most impressive thing about this Oral-B Pulsar, is that, despite the fact that I had used the brush for nearly two months using normal hand-powered motion, when I turned on the pulsing action, the bristles cleaned my teeth so well they felt like I had been to the dentist!

Yes! A few minutes after brushing my teeth, my tongue, perhaps motivated by my subconscious, decided to swipe itself across my upper incisors... Delight was my very first impression once I realized what had happened. So then, after purposely swirling my tongue around my mouth to examine all of my teeth, it was clear that this Pulsar toothbrush was just the product I had been looking for... that despite my frustration practically forcing me to make a selection and get it over with those weeks ago, I had chosen a toothbrush that suited me and that I could grant a rave review!
I am so happy with this toothbrush that I decided to give Oral-B Pulsars as gifts this holiday season... They make great stocking stuffers, fit easily into gift bags with other items, and unlike the candy I usually give, will help care for my loved ones' teeth! They also attach easily to gift cards using tape or colorful ribbon.
I will come back to post feedback from some of the users after giving them time to form opinions about their toothbrush gifts...
You can check out the Pulsar toothbrush images... I will add more after the three month user period expires to show how the used bristles compare to a new head.

Here are some of the Oral-B Pulsar features:
  • Manual/Pulsating bristles for deeper cleaning
  • Soft vibrating bristles breaks up plaque between teeth
  • Varying height bristles facilitate cleaning back teeth
  • Nice size handle that fits comfortably in your hand
  • Handles are colorful, shapely, and have grips
  • My favorite - Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days)
  • Completely disposable - no battery replacement required

It so happens that I am one of those people who brushes their teeth a lot! I can easily go 3 to 5 minutes or more during one brushing; and often brush as many as four times a day! Therefore, a toothbrush must really be strong and sturdy in order to hold up to my brushing standards. For me... Oral-B Pulsar, thus far, has met... perhaps even surpassed that test. I won't know entirely for certain until I finish this experiment and get to the next one. The one during which I will utilize the pulsing action the entire time... Then I will learn whether using the manual plus pulsing action really stands the test of time over the dental recommended three months of toothbrush use. Also, I will be able to determine how the battery holds out... For now, however, I happily give Pulsar five blue stars!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Objectùm-Sexuality (Objektophiles)

Objectùm-sexuality (OS) is a phenomenon of which I recently became acquainted. Due to its nature, I decided to post this overview here because something told me too many people, more than likely, were unaware of the topic as well. In that what it means to be an objectùm-sexual keeps those affected in the closet, I wanted to do my part in shedding a bit more light on the subject. After all, it also happens to be a good health topic in that it addresses the mind as well as the body.

Objectùm-sexuality, or the need to have relationships, including sexual intimacy, with inanimate objects, causes those involved in these types of romances to relish unions with things over bonds with people. When least expected, objectùm-sexuals fall in love with objects just as most people unexpectedly become twitterpated with humans.

Watching a program called Taboo that airs on a National Geographic channel one day was the first time I became acquainted with this phenomenon. During the episode, called Forbidden Love Education, a man fell in love with a car and a woman loved the Berlin Wall.

According to the episode, research shows that persons with objectùm-sexual brains may be hard-wired differently from other people. Synesthesia is the type of brain-wiring that objectum-sexuals are believed to possess. According to Objectùm-Sexuality Internationale, persons with OS are this way due to an innate condition.

On the flip side of the belief that objectùm-sexuals have brains with different wiring, that the condition is innate, is the belief that neglected children may be more prone to growing up and falling in love with objects than kids who receive adequate amounts of attention during childhood. There also exists a belief in the OS community that persons with Asperger's Syndrome may be more prone to become objectùm-sexuals due to a lack of socialization during the formative years.

Objectùm-sexuals are often called objektophiles or OS for short. They are believed to possess keen eyes for aesthetics, such as the construction of buildings, fences, and bridges, for example. When in love with an object, their feelings spur them to learn as much as they can about that thing in order to better communicate with it and also to further deepen and preserve their devotion. In furtherance, many OS people appear to be Animists as well. To them, the object of their affection is not merely a thing... but rather... it is indeed animate.

As stated at the onset, OS people may become sexually intimate with the objects of their affection. It should be noted however, that not all OS people take their affections with things to this extreme. It should also be noted that the OS community prefers the terms intimacy and sensuality when referring to physical relations with objects since this type of contact differs from one relationship to another and stirs much controversy regarding sex with objects. In furtherance, from the OS perspective, intimacy with their object lovers is meant to give pleasure to the thing not to self-gratify the person involved with the thing.

Those coming across this post who would like to know more about objectùm-sexual lifestyles for themselves or someone they would like to help can get more info here...