Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tapping into Psychic Ability and Spirituality to Aid Your Success

Do you believe in psychic ability?

Have you ever had a premonition or dreamed something that came true?

What about spirituality... Do you think spirituality is only for those who practice religion?

What if you could use your psychic ability and spirituality in unison to aid your success? Would you try to make your life better knowing you could do so by freeing your mind and tapping into your own personal unheard dialogue given specifically to you from the heavens... the universe... the air around you?

Consider this short anecdote...

Her feet barely squeeze through the closing door before her fingers pry open her laptop and press the power button. She drops her purse on the bed relinquishes her coat atop it and dashes to fire up the teapot. Computer start-up beeps impregnate her ears as she spills sugar and plop a teabag into a mug. To some the computer's high pitched sounds are merely indication that the technological device is doing what such devices are intended to do. To her the computer tones are indication that the box is preparing to orchestrate a symphony - her symphony - only the harmony she has in mind has nothing to do with consonant resolving dissonant chords or major transposing to minor keys because the symphony her computer will construct will unfold in novelistic words of prose.

All day she'd sat at a cramped desk in a stuffy office answering boring phone calls and pushing an ink skipping pen. The only reason she hadn't gone crazy was that her new found spirituality was soothing the avenues of her mind by unleashing constant reminders of her impending career change.

All her life she'd wanted to pen renditions of unsavory characters inflicting havoc on the weak and the innocent; to write love stories so critically acclaimed they'd be rewritten in fifty or sixty languages, to see her byline on book after book while signing autographs for thousands of fans. Only problem was she used to think her aspirations were irrational so instead of following her dreams she dropped them like burning potatoes and fell into an unplanned career. Somehow she'd bought into the notion that putting bread on the table any way she could was more important than living a dream. But that was before she tapped into her spirituality.

This random anecdote references a female; however, whether a guy or girl, if this sounds like you, you should know that spirituality can help get you where you want to be by allowing you to open your mind so that you will be able to pay more attention to your psychic ability. If you're wondering what spirituality and psychic ability have to do with one another, simply put, they both connect to us via our states of mind and our intellect. Their forces enter our bodies, undetected, in efforts to provide direction and to show us how to find peace. They are what help us maintain our focus and they keep us chugging along like the little engine that could right through life's trials and tribulations.

Even though spirituality and psychic ability both relate to our being via the mind and the intellect, we connect to them in different manners. In the case of spirituality, connectivity can be constant. We don't have to maintain awareness of it every second of the day, but once we connect and learn to use it to our advantage, we can rejuvenate our minds at will. Whereas some may accomplish this through prayer, others might meditate, and others might go for quiet walks, etcetera.

Using our psychic ability requires us to be alert and aware of messages we receive in random forms of intangible gifts. Some of us receive more, or at least notice more, messages than do others. Unlike spirituality, psychic abilities don't connect and remain with us in a constant fashion and most of us cannot conjure these forces on command.

The fact that we can tap into spirituality with more ease and flexibility than we can psychic ability, makes spirituality easier to use as an aid to guide us through our lives. This grants us ongoing opportunities to use the inexplicable means spirituality has of stripping negative forces from our minds - forces that work to keep us from living our lives as we see fit. When we use spirituality to cleanse our minds, to eliminate negative influences spirituality erects positive barriers to prevent future negativities from rooting.

Cleansing our minds through spirituality allows us to become more open and aware of our psychic abilities. In turn, our cleansed minds enable us to better discern when we are receiving psychic information. In order to take advantage of our psychic abilities so they can work in conjunction with our spirituality, we must learn to recognize and act on the meanings of information our psychic abilities provide. It is only through interpretation and action that having psychic abilities can help us identify where we really want to be and what steps we need to take to reach our destinations.

When allowing ourselves to form relationships with spirituality and in learning to use our psychic abilities to aid our life's decisions, we may discover the reason we'd spent so much time telling ourselves our dreams were unattainable had to do with people around us assuring us our dreams were just that - dreams! Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance that once we free ourselves and align our minds with our true potentials that we never let others reduce our aspirations to levels beneath our new found freedoms. This could be difficult in cases where others have not and are not willing to free themselves and may in fact think we've gone off the deep end. Whenever and If ever this happens we must maintain the relationships we are able to manage - even if at removed levels - and relinquish the relationships that will only continue to distract us. Spirituality and openness to our psychic abilities can only do so much for us. We must do the rest.

In closing, if we find ourselves employed in careers that we, for whatever reason, decide are not fields we want to spend the rest of our lives in, and especially if we don't really know what we want to do, a good way for us to find out what really makes us tick is to tap into our spirituality in order to free our minds and allow our psychic abilities to provide us the information we need - the information that can only tell the truth about what we really want to do with the remainder of our lives.