Sunday, June 24, 2012

Objectùm-Sexuality (Objektophiles)

Objectùm-sexuality (OS) is a phenomenon of which I recently became acquainted. Due to its nature, I decided to post this overview here because something told me too many people, more than likely, were unaware of the topic as well. In that what it means to be an objectùm-sexual keeps those affected in the closet, I wanted to do my part in shedding a bit more light on the subject. After all, it also happens to be a good health topic in that it addresses the mind as well as the body.

Objectùm-sexuality, or the need to have relationships, including sexual intimacy, with inanimate objects, causes those involved in these types of romances to relish unions with things over bonds with people. When least expected, objectùm-sexuals fall in love with objects just as most people unexpectedly become twitterpated with humans.

Watching a program called Taboo that airs on a National Geographic channel one day was the first time I became acquainted with this phenomenon. During the episode, called Forbidden Love Education, a man fell in love with a car and a woman loved the Berlin Wall.

According to the episode, research shows that persons with objectùm-sexual brains may be hard-wired differently from other people. Synesthesia is the type of brain-wiring that objectum-sexuals are believed to possess. According to Objectùm-Sexuality Internationale, persons with OS are this way due to an innate condition.

On the flip side of the belief that objectùm-sexuals have brains with different wiring, that the condition is innate, is the belief that neglected children may be more prone to growing up and falling in love with objects than kids who receive adequate amounts of attention during childhood. There also exists a belief in the OS community that persons with Asperger's Syndrome may be more prone to become objectùm-sexuals due to a lack of socialization during the formative years.

Objectùm-sexuals are often called objektophiles or OS for short. They are believed to possess keen eyes for aesthetics, such as the construction of buildings, fences, and bridges, for example. When in love with an object, their feelings spur them to learn as much as they can about that thing in order to better communicate with it and also to further deepen and preserve their devotion. In furtherance, many OS people appear to be Animists as well. To them, the object of their affection is not merely a thing... but rather... it is indeed animate.

As stated at the onset, OS people may become sexually intimate with the objects of their affection. It should be noted however, that not all OS people take their affections with things to this extreme. It should also be noted that the OS community prefers the terms intimacy and sensuality when referring to physical relations with objects since this type of contact differs from one relationship to another and stirs much controversy regarding sex with objects. In furtherance, from the OS perspective, intimacy with their object lovers is meant to give pleasure to the thing not to self-gratify the person involved with the thing.

Those coming across this post who would like to know more about objectùm-sexual lifestyles for themselves or someone they would like to help can get more info here...