Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting in shape with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Just Dance 2 
Getting in shape and staying in shape are concerns that occupy the minds of many. These concerns often become more prominent as the holidays come around. That's because avoiding luscious treats and heavenly eats becomes near impossible when wherever we go, food aplenty, loaded with tons of "delicious" calories, sits on tables to greet us. Removing some of the guilt from eating a few extra calories (or even a lot of extra calories) could be fun and easy for the entire family with Sony's Dance Dance Revolution games.

Just Dance
Sony's Dance Dance Revolution or DDR games incorporate "workout" modes of play that allow individual players to keep track of how many calories they lose as they dance along with singers, dancers, and lively tunes. Moreover, with the addition with a "multi tap" gadget, as many as four players can dance along with one another in free playing modes. Although free playing modes do not allow all players to keep up with calorie counts, dancing along for a good half an hour to forty-five minutes should assure players they just finished a great workout.
Dance Dance Revolution Max 2 
In addition to Sony's PS2 and PS3 systems, DDR games are also available for Nintendo Wii  and Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles.
PS3 Master Dance Pad Non-Slip 
So.... Parents....


Everyone who can stand.... walk.... dance a jig.... and otherwise move about freely....

Why let the kids have all the gaming fun??? If you have a Dance Dance Revolution game available at home, start burning a few extra calories now! If you do not have one...  Get one! There's no need to wait until after the holidays have passed you by to start burning extra calories and getting yourself fit!!

Visit my Sony Playstation DDR instruction zone below for game play tips!

Dance Dance Revolution Weight Loss Tips - DDR

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bed Bugs Infesting Homes, Public Buildings, Movie Theaters & More!

Bed bug Summit in Chicago due to bedbugs now infesting homes in all fifty United States!

Bed bug home infestations have become so commonplace, these days, no state is safe from bed bug invasions; and in fact, what's more is that bed bugs have even been discovered in government structures such as the Empire State Building, according to a MSNBC news report. The report also stated that college campuses, movie theaters, and at least one hospital was found to be infested with bedbugs.

Currently, no diseases have been shown to be attributed to bed bug bites, however, bed bug bites tend to itch profusely and to cause considerable redness, as well as swelling, on body parts of those who are allergic to the critters.

Learn ways to get rid of bed bugs HERE.

Get lots of information on how to keep bed bugs out of the home as well as what to do should you come in contact with bed bugs HERE.

Whether at home, in a movie theater, or traveling by bus, plane, or ship, everyone in your household should learn how to identify bed bugs. Of course, bed bugs do not want to be discovered. This is the reason they hide during the day. However, whenever someone happens to uncover bed bugs, even by accident, they should be prepared to get rid of them. Teaching children how to recognize bed bugs is also crucial. Learn how to identify bed bugs HERE.

What exactly are bedbugs anyway?

Bedbugs are bloodsucking hemipteran insects which simply means they are “true bugs” that are classified by their sucking beak-like mouth parts. Bedbugs are from the Cimicidae family. Common bedbugs or “Cimex lectularius” are the ones most likely to invade human households because they are the most adapted to human surroundings. Bedbugs are also known as kissing bugs, bloodsuckers, cone noses, and simply bugs.

Bedbugs are wingless. Despite not being able to fly, however, they get around pretty fast by crawling and they are excellent climbers. Bedbugs are flat and miniscule creatures. Their tiny size and body shapes allow them to squeeze between small spaces. For this reason, they tend to make cracks, crevices, mattress folds, bed frame parts, molding inners and carpeting adjacent to walls their homes.

These are only a few places bed bugs hide out in your home. Get more bed bug facts HERE.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stories And Stuff 4 Kids :}

What a lovely thing—a young girl receiving expensive jewelry for Valentine's Day. Imagine the excitement for getting such a gift. Removing the widened smile from your face would be nearly impossible. Only--- What if Lacy's jewelry disappears before she gets to wear it?  Read Valentine Mystery Here


Mom so-o wanted to become a clown one day. It was like her lifelong dream. Finally, the day arrived when transforming her dream into reality was the right thing to do—if only she were not sick in bed. See what happens when her children insist on going to her opening day at a carnival without her.  Read Mom the Clown Here


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keloids - Growths on the body caused by scars

Causes of keloids could be genetic. If one person in a family has keloids, children or siblings in that family could break out with the condition as well. The medical community has yet to understand fully why some people are susceptible to keloids and others are not. They do know, however, that African Americans and Asians are more prone to keloids than other groups of people.
Keloids are elevated growths caused by scars that appear on the skin after wounds heal. Keloids appear on the skin in ways that causes body parts to appear deformed. Deforming appearances come about because keloids tend to grow beyond wounds that cause them to appear and they do not completely go away on their own.
Keloids often occur in patches and they can... Read more HERE

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Treatment options for urinary incontinence in women

Urinary incontinence is the inability to control one's bladder. Which simply means women with the condition either cannot hold their urine long enough to get to a restroom or they leak without warning. Women can choose from a number of options to treat this problem and therefore do not need to suffer wetness or embarrassment from this type of leakage.

What women should do is seek a doctor's help because, in some cases, female urinary incontinence can actually be eliminated or cured. In cases where a cure is not possible, however, treatments to control the condition can... Read more HERE

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Stories - Short Stories - Flash Fiction

Since healthy living includes healthful reading, check out a few of my short-short stories you can read, download, or print for free. The two at the bottom are for kids :}
Following the short-stories is my first ebook for children. This ebook/chapter book is about sharing. It is intended to present a challenge for advanced early readers and eight to ten year olds. Currently, all may read the ebook for free. Enjoy!

How would you feel if you spent your entire life thinking you had made the best choice you could for a partner and then one day, out of the blue, you encounter that special one—your soul mate?  Read A Lover's Story Here

You love to look your best everyday, of course, if you are a diva! However, what if you get yourself all decked out and then discover you must take your hot self out in wet, slushy, snow… wearing heels?  Read The Message Here

Cute tale for Halloween and any other time...
Without a second of hesitation, a speck slithered up a chilled glass of pink fluid and frothy effervescence while humans kicked up their heels at the Party Nights dance club. In all, two glasses sat at his disposal. Each looked equally as cool and inviting as the other. Their contents were fresh. Their ice was plump. Condensation freckled and slid down their curvaceous crystalline walls. Vying not to waste a single moment, the speck, having appeared from the table underside, chose the glass closest to the wooden rim. Of course, none of this really mattered - as far as timing goes that is - for no one was likely to spot “Speck” anyway, him being a... Read more here