Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stories And Stuff 4 Kids :}

What a lovely thing—a young girl receiving expensive jewelry for Valentine's Day. Imagine the excitement for getting such a gift. Removing the widened smile from your face would be nearly impossible. Only--- What if Lacy's jewelry disappears before she gets to wear it?  Read Valentine Mystery Here


Mom so-o wanted to become a clown one day. It was like her lifelong dream. Finally, the day arrived when transforming her dream into reality was the right thing to do—if only she were not sick in bed. See what happens when her children insist on going to her opening day at a carnival without her.  Read Mom the Clown Here


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keloids - Growths on the body caused by scars

Causes of keloids could be genetic. If one person in a family has keloids, children or siblings in that family could break out with the condition as well. The medical community has yet to understand fully why some people are susceptible to keloids and others are not. They do know, however, that African Americans and Asians are more prone to keloids than other groups of people.
Keloids are elevated growths caused by scars that appear on the skin after wounds heal. Keloids appear on the skin in ways that causes body parts to appear deformed. Deforming appearances come about because keloids tend to grow beyond wounds that cause them to appear and they do not completely go away on their own.
Keloids often occur in patches and they can... Read more HERE