Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bed Bugs Infesting Homes, Public Buildings, Movie Theaters & More!

Bed bug Summit in Chicago due to bedbugs now infesting homes in all fifty United States!

Bed bug home infestations have become so commonplace, these days, no state is safe from bed bug invasions; and in fact, what's more is that bed bugs have even been discovered in government structures such as the Empire State Building, according to a MSNBC news report. The report also stated that college campuses, movie theaters, and at least one hospital was found to be infested with bedbugs.

Currently, no diseases have been shown to be attributed to bed bug bites, however, bed bug bites tend to itch profusely and to cause considerable redness, as well as swelling, on body parts of those who are allergic to the critters.

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Whether at home, in a movie theater, or traveling by bus, plane, or ship, everyone in your household should learn how to identify bed bugs. Of course, bed bugs do not want to be discovered. This is the reason they hide during the day. However, whenever someone happens to uncover bed bugs, even by accident, they should be prepared to get rid of them. Teaching children how to recognize bed bugs is also crucial. Learn how to identify bed bugs HERE.

What exactly are bedbugs anyway?

Bedbugs are bloodsucking hemipteran insects which simply means they are “true bugs” that are classified by their sucking beak-like mouth parts. Bedbugs are from the Cimicidae family. Common bedbugs or “Cimex lectularius” are the ones most likely to invade human households because they are the most adapted to human surroundings. Bedbugs are also known as kissing bugs, bloodsuckers, cone noses, and simply bugs.

Bedbugs are wingless. Despite not being able to fly, however, they get around pretty fast by crawling and they are excellent climbers. Bedbugs are flat and miniscule creatures. Their tiny size and body shapes allow them to squeeze between small spaces. For this reason, they tend to make cracks, crevices, mattress folds, bed frame parts, molding inners and carpeting adjacent to walls their homes.

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